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Product name:

Monolithic Laser Notching Machine


Equipment Functions


The machine, of which main functions include rolled pole pieces unwinding automatically, correctingelectrodes, cutting lugs as well as removing dust of electrodes,punching fillet of electroses, punching pole pieces to shape, and collecting pole pieces as material pole  automatically,etc., is used for making rolled electrodes (gap pole pieces coating) shapeelectrodes.


Equipment Characteristic


-ALL the laser cutting parts are from import top brands.

-It satisfies the technology that cuts with waste edge(≤5mm) and without waste edge.

-Winding and unwinding possess correction function and equipping a secondary correction mechanism when it is running continually.

-Using jitter-proof structure in the position laser cutting position to guarantee cutting accuracy. 

-It can realize on changing among different electrodes types as long as you change the paraments, so it is convenient for changing types.

-The function that laser cut and remove dust possess a national new patent.

-It can choose and equip between CCD inspection of dimensions CCD inspection function and CCD inspection of appearance defects.

- It is with efficient dust removal system, anti-melting beads sputtering structure, negative pressure dust removal, brushing powder to remove dust ultrasound dust removal and other.

comprehensivemechanisms. And electrodes equip two series of dust removal mechanisms after slitting.

-Shaping the fillets of pole pieces is punched to finish by two series of metal molds on the left and on the right.

-Cutting pole pieces was finished by metal punching.

-O servo motor drives Fixed length to pull and sent pieces.

-Pole pieces are collected automatically and are stacked to a material box


Equipment Paraments






Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Parameters

Pump source

Laser Diodes






Average Work Time

Average Work Time

Equipment Speed


The width of heat affected area that laser burns


The Length of Electrodes


The Width of  Electrodes


The Lifespan of the Mold

≥10 million

Glitch Control


Excellent Rate Every Time


Utilization Rate



Equipment Noise

≤75db( It is in the range of one meter beyond the equipment cover)

Equipment Shape Size(Reference)



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