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Industry News

The battery manufacturing process that allows you to increase your strength in minutes
The battery cell is the smallest unit of a battery system. A plurality of batteries form a module, and then a plurality of modules form a battery pack, which is the basic structure of the vehicle power battery. The battery is like a container for storing electrical energy. How much capacity can be stored depends on how much active material is covered by the positive and negative electrodes. The design of the positive and negative electrode pole pieces needs to be tailored to different models. The gram capacity of the positive and negative materials, the ratio of the active material, the thickness of the pole piece, and the compaction density are also important for the capacity.
"All in one, work together" Guangdong Xinyu intelligent spring material control system elite development training camp
On May 21st, 2017, the partners of Guangdong Xinyu Intelligent Material Control System came to Lianhua Mountain in Changan to carry out a one-day outdoor development training.
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