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2017 annual work summary meeting
2017 annual work summary meeting
Sunive: A banner that stands in the era of intelligence
Xinyu Intelligent, a new generation of strength, through its bold innovation, in the fierce competition of lithium battery production equipment market to create the miracle of the mainstay.
A fun activity to deepen friendship
When the sun sets, bid farewell to the scorching sun, it is the perfect time for outdoor activities. In order to carry forward the atmosphere of everyone's love of labor, the Ministry of Personnel organizes an interesting grass-drawing activity in the industrial park in the leisure time, which is of great significance.

The grass-drawing activities were divided into several groups. Colleagues bid farewell to the seriousness of the work. Everyone said that they laughed. They said that they would add wild vegetables to the canteen to add food. They would ridicule each other and the pressure of work would be released to a certain extent. When you work, you can get twice the result with half the effort.
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