Who are you? Only you can make the the final say!

In recent days, both online and on my social media, I have been overwhelmed by the ugly and cute Nezha. I took advantage of my free time to watch the movie "Nezha's Demon Child Comes to Earth". I thought it was an animated film for children, but I didn't expect that as a mature adult, I was already in tears.

To tell the truth, when I first saw the wandering Nezha with two Periorbital dark circles hanging on the screen, I felt a little rejected, because this Nezha had no impression of the handsome appearance of Nezha Santai. Upon seeing it later, I realized that this was a deliberate trick played by the director to create a subversive image for everyone. Only then did I realize that Nezha, who had fought against his parents and had been enemies of the world, had stumbled and stumbled all the way, is actually a true portrayal of us in the adult world.



As we grow up, we are gradually defeated by reality and constrained by society, family, and environment. Don't be too concerned about others' opinions. Who you are is up to you to say it yourself. Jia Pingwa once said: "The biggest" caprice "of people is to persist in doing what they like regardless of everything. Only in this way can people say that my life has been worth it." People can compromise temporarily for the sake of life and goals, but they must not casually settle for the rest of their lives.

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