Gossip about mooncakes

Chinese culture is vast and profound, and dietary culture is naturally colorful, each with its own unique characteristics. Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Let's talk about the patterns of moon cakes from all over the world and satisfy the taste buds of the diners. Don't drool!

The Soviet style mooncakes originated in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and surrounding areas. Their main characteristics are the loose vegetable skin of the cakes, the surface words are not molded but printed on them, and the filling materials include five kernels, bean paste, etc. The sweetness is higher than other types of mooncakes. The main products are Soviet style mooncakes produced by Hangzhou Limin, etc.

Beijing style mooncakes originated from Beijing Tianjin and surrounding areas, and have a certain market in the north. Their main characteristics are moderate sweetness and skin to filling ratio, with a general skin to filling ratio of 4:6. They mainly have the special flavor of the filling and have a crispy and loose taste. The main products include Beijing Daoxiang Village's Zilai Red mooncakes, Zilai White mooncakes, and Wuren mooncakes.


Cantonese-style moon cake

Cantonese style moon cake is the largest type of moon cake at present. It originated in Guangdong and its surrounding areas, and is now popular throughout the country. It is characterized by thin skin and large stuffing. Usually, the ratio of skin to stuffing is 2:8. The oil content of skin stuffing is higher than that of other types. It tastes soft, smooth, and has a prominent surface gloss. The most unique one is Snow skin mooncake.

Having learned so much, have you ever been tempted? Modern society is very convenient. You can enjoy exotic food at home without leaving home. You may as well buy moon cakes of different styles on the Mid Autumn Festival to make the Mid Autumn Festival more enjoyable. I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!